Longstanding Bilateral Ties Between Russia and Ethiopia

The Russian Embassy in Addis Abeba held a party to mark the 125th anniversary of the start of diplomatic relations between Russia and Ethiopia. Ambassadors from many countries and members of the public were there.

The 125th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Russia and Ethiopia this year marks a significant turning point in the history of the two countries’ collaboration, according to remarks made on the occasion by Eugene Terekhin, the Russian Federation’s ambassador to Ethiopia.

“In February 1898, Russian ambassador P.M.Vlasov gave his credentials to Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II in Addis Ababa. He was in charge of a diplomatic mission that included a Cossack military convoy. All of this is a good reminder, said Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin, that diplomacy and the military have always worked “hand in hand” to help Russia reach its foreign policy goals and keep them safe.

He said that Nikolai Leontiev was in charge of a group of Russian volunteers who served in Emperor Menelik II’s army at the infamous Battle of Adua.

“It’s also important to note that Russia once again provided Ethiopia with weapons and military advisors during the Ogaden War in 1977–1978. Of course, there were other aspects of connection between the two nations at that time and especially after that, in addition to considerable cooperation in the industrial, agricultural, and energy areas, as well as in education and culture.

Additionally, Ambassador Evgeny mentioned that the USSR helped build the Bahr Dar Polytechnic College, which is now a university. He also said that more than 20,000 Ethiopian students have gone to Russia to go to college or get special training.

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