Beijing hosts a high-level Ethiopia-China investment forum.

The Chinese Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) and the Ethiopian Embassy jointly organized the High-Level Ethiopia-China Investment Forum, which took place in Beijing. The Director General of CIPA, the CEOs of numerous Chinese anchor enterprises, and a delegation led by Finance Minister Ahmed Shide attended the forum.

Finance Minister Ahmed Shide spoke at the event and welcomed everyone there. He also thanked them for responding quickly to the Embassy’s invitation to attend the high-level forum. He also said that their presence at the forum shows that they are still committed to making the friendship between Ethiopia and China stronger.

He said that China and Ethiopia have become friends in need and true friends as their relationship has grown stronger. He also said that China is now Ethiopia’s main development partner and has helped the country’s economic and social growth in a big way.

Ahmed Shide says that the physical, economic, and social infrastructure projects that Chinese public and private firms work on not only make the lives of Ethiopians much better, but also make Ethiopia an attractive place for foreign direct investment because it is competitive and has a good economy.

Director General of CIPA Liu Dianxun says that Ethiopia and China have worked well together in a number of areas, such as infrastructure, public health, trade, and business. By the end of 2022, Chinese companies would have invested US$3.3 billion in Ethiopia, making it the most in Africa.

The Commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, Lelise Nami, gave a detailed talk about Ethiopia’s investment potential, opportunities, and commitment. She urged the businesses to consider Ethiopia as a top location for investment.

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