As the drought persists, the Borena Zone calls for further emergency assistance

The Borena Zone in Ethiopia’s Oromia Regional State has been in a very bad drought for the past three years because it hasn’t rained enough.

The persistent drought has hurt a lot of the area. It has killed over 3.3 million animals and put semi-pastoral people in a very bad situation.

The local government says that the ongoing drought has put more than 800,000 people in a very bad situation over the last three years.

The head of the Borena Zone, Jarso Boru, said that the amount of humanitarian aid that is being given to the affected villages is not enough to meet their needs.

In an exclusive interview with FBC, Jarso talked about how bad the problem was by saying that most of the locals depend on pastoral life, which is tied to rainwater.

According to the Chief Administrator, more than 376,000 people in need in the zone have received humanitarian help in three rounds. Yet, he claimed that in comparison to the number of those affected by the calamity, the support is insufficient.

He also asked for more emergency help for the drought-stricken areas so that the problem could be fixed before it caused more damage.

Reports say that more than 3.3 million animals, mostly cattle (83%) have already died from not getting enough food. Efforts are currently being made to save the remaining 230,000 severely malnourished cattle.

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