First Lady Zinash Opens Gonder City Flour and Bread Factory

The bread and flour plant in Gondar that was built by the First Lady’s office was opened today by First Lady Zinash Tayachew.

The first lady, Zinash Tayachew, along with Agegnehu Teshager, the speaker of the FDRE House of Federation, Yilkal Kefale, the chief administrator of the Amhara Region, and Ms. Muferihat Kamil, the minister of labor and skills, opened the flour and bread factory.

According to reports, the wheat and bread mill has the potential to make 420 quintals of flour and 300,000 loaves of bread per day.

150 locals now have jobs thanks to the factory, which cost more than 100 million birr to build and took 11 months to construct.

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