Japan Declares A $25 Million Humanitarian Aid Package For Ethiopian Regions Affected By Conflict And Drought

The Government of Japan declared that it will collaborate with numerous international organizations to deliver Ethiopia a new humanitarian relief package totaling around USD 25 million (1.3 billion birr).

The help will be given to meet the urgent and important humanitarian needs in Ethiopia and to keep the promises made at TICAD 8 in Tunis, Tunisia, in August.

The new Japanese aid program for Ethiopia is expected to start working in the next fiscal year.

The aid will be used in five major focal areas, according to a statement the Japanese Embassy in Ethiopia released to Fana Broadcasting Corporate.

According to the announcement, almost 5.5 million USD of the whole package would be used for food security and livelihood initiatives.

In the Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions, Japan will donate roughly USD 4 million to the WFP to offer life-saving nutritional treatment to 25,800 pregnant and breastfeeding women and 22,200 children aged 6-59 months. The FAO will receive US$1.5 million to help 6,750 people with a variety of crop seeds, vaccinate more than 1.5 million animals, support women’s organizations, and renovate veterinary clinics in Amhara and Afar.

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