Fighting Organized Theft and Corruption: National Anti-Corruption Committee Launches Operations

The committee confirmed that the Ethiopian National Committee had started operating.

The Committee started off by concentrating on the management of land and public housing, the security and justice sector, the financial sector, the government’s revenue and customs system, as well as the service delivery, administrative, and public procurement sectors.

Several levels of alleged thieves have been arrested in the past, including Tewodros Bekele, the director general of the Financial Security Service, the National Security Service, the police, prosecutors, and judges.

The suspects are being investigated, according to the committee’s official statement from Friday.

Extradition deals have been made with a number of countries so that criminal suspects who have fled their home country can be brought to justice.

Since the National Anti-Corruption Committee’s founding, more than 250 tips have been gathered from the public in just one week.

The committee urged the public to continue providing information by dialing 9555.

The committee reported that simple and thorough screening had found actionable tip-offs.

The officials and individuals who were detained on suspicion of the crime will face charges.

The National Committee also said again that it would keep the public informed about its operations on a regular basis.

Recall that on November 17, 2022, Prime Minister of the FDRE, Abiy Ahmed, announced the formation of the new Ethiopian National Anti-Corruption Committee to combat, obstruct, and prevent corruption and organized thievery in the nation.

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