First-Round Humanitarian Aid Reached Over 450,000 in Tigray: Commission

According to the National Disaster Risk Management Commission, more than 450,000 individuals in Tigray, from Shiraro to Adwa, have received first-round humanitarian help.

Since the TPLF and the Ethiopian government signed a peace agreement in Pretoria, South Africa, the Ethiopian government has helped get humanitarian aid to the people of Tigray by road in four corridors and by air.

The National Disaster Risk Management Commission’s Office Head and Assistance Coordinator, Zerihun Zewde, told ENA that the government’s help for people in need in the Tigray region has been improved.

He went on to say that everywhere, from Shiraro to Adi Hagerai, Adi Nebri, Shire, Selkleka, Axum, and Adwa, gets as much humanitarian aid as they need.

The coordinator said that as a result, more than 450 thousand people got more than 90 thousand quintals of wheat and other food in the first round alone.

Zerihun further mentioned that at these places, food and medical supplies for both adults and children are available.

He also said that these areas are getting the food and medical supplies that everyone, from kids to adults, needs.

The coordinator says that more than 60 big trucks with humanitarian aid have arrived at their destinations, where they are being unloaded and given to the people who live there.

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