There Will Be No Conditions for the Implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement: Minister for GCS

Dr. Legesse Tulu, who is in charge of the Government Communication Service, says that the Pretoria Peace Agreement will be carried out according to the terms that were agreed upon.

The minister claimed on social media that accommodating interests is the very definition of democratic principles.

He made a point of saying that the government has made sacrifices for the good of the people and for world peace.

According to Dr. Legesse, the government’s top priority is to bring about the peace and prosperity that every citizen seeks, adding that “peace will be ensured only through principle and law.”

He added that the Nairobi agreement has paved the way for the implementation of the accord, saying that the Pretoria Peace Deal laid the foundation for the wellbeing of the northern part of the country.

Dr. Legesse emphasized that the only option left to us was to put the peace agreement into effect, urging all parties to do their part to make the peace process successful.

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