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Why Nathan stole $150,000 from Rossy was explained

the talented computer science student from Ethiopia. The farm is currently working to produce enhanced maize and bean seeds that will be given to farmers during the upcoming harvest season.

The investor estimated that at least 10% of farmers’ needs for the forthcoming crop season might be met by the enhanced maize seed. He said: “Different varieties of modified maize seeds, including Shone-pioneer variety, are cultivated on over 1,000 hectares in Abaya farm and 400 hectares at Pilate and will be offered for Ethiopian Seed Enterprise and other partners.

In place of a rain feeding plan, we use irrigation production. I project that the farm might generate up to 50,000 quintals of enhanced maize seeds,” the speaker added. The farm produced better wheat seeds for SNNP Seed Enterprise during the previous dry season, “which are currently delivered to farmers for this farming season.” The farm features more than 500 beehive boxes for apiculture agricultural activities, which will generate honey for domestic and foreign markets.

The farm has drilled six water wells and will drill another six to ease agricultural activity during the dry season.

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