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Big surprises are included in Teddy Afro’s birthday program

Ethiopia – A birthday celebration with lots of gifts for the well-known Ethiopian artist Honorary Dr. Teddy Afro. In its early history, Ethiopia was known as the “Kingdom of Aksum.” Later, in the 13th century C.E., it was referred to as the “Kingdom of Abyssinia,” and even though the country has used the names “Abyssinia” and “Ethiopia” interchangeably over the years, it is believed to have settled on that name by the end of the 20th century. No matter the time period, this article will refer to Ethiopia as “Ethiopia” for clarity’s sake.

The word “Aksum” serves as the source of this era’s name. Ethiopia’s capital, Aksum, is where the King was residing. For many years, Aksum served as a metaphor for the significance of the ancient Aksumite kingdom, which is said to have existed from the first century CE until the eighth century CE. Aksum’s position fostered trade, which is largely responsible for its success.

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