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Baby Samri and Fani’s gender is revealed

The majority of us would be honest and admit to experiencing frantic, late-night thoughts when pregnant, wondering if we should have children or if we would still be the same people after giving birth. Those of us who planned on returning to the workforce after having children may have been concerned about our capacity to remain committed to our careers. When Tigist announced her pregnancy, a supporter voiced worry that her profession would suffer due to her new duty as a mother. She was afraid the artist wouldn’t be able to equal their past work. She thought, “When you have this child, either he/she/it will suffer or your job will suffer.” Palmer expressed her own worries in an open letter that was posted on Medium about “losing her identity as an artist” when she has children. She worried about becoming a boring, unimportant, ignorable artist and wondered if she would turn into one if she had children. If I suddenly started singing about balance, what would happen? Would I turn into that obnoxious parent who is so focused on their child that it is impossible to have a sensible talk with them about art because they would rather show you iPhone images of their baby drooling mashed carrots?”

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