Thursday, August 18, 2022
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DJ HENI wedding where all famous celebrities showed up

weekly funny videos, What is happening with the famous people. Our society has increased expectations for celebrations like weddings and funerals. You, as a Millennial Ethiopian, may have your own “nontraditional” ideas about how you want these celebrations to go. Because you don’t want to come across as unpleasant or selfish, you can be deterred from getting your way.

When we were young, people encouraged us to pursue careers in engineering, medicine, or other related fields. We were pushed in these directions for good reason—we wanted to have a better chance at life. Although this originates from a better place, it prevents young people from taking risks and exploring novel concepts. Given our culture, I wonder how many members of “Generation Me” are unable to pursue a passion for which they have such a strong desire.

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