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Athlete Haile speaks about what he felt about the destruction of the school


Haile Gebrselassie talk regarding what he felt about the obliteration of the school by the fearmonger TPLF. Eclipsed by the political disturbance annoying the country the headwinds pounding Ethiopia’s economy can possibly transform into an all-out emergency in case they are not managed comprehensively. This phantom can be turned away through an efficient and educated methodology that helps settle political contrasts calmly and looks for suffering arrangements.

To the difficulties negatively affecting the economy. Ethiopia is supplied with, among others, young useful power, an enormous area of arable land, the biggest number of animals in Africa, a significant surface and sub-surface water asset.

Climatic conditions are reasonable for shifted horticultural exercises, various vacation destinations, and significant mineral riches. It’s reprehensible for a country having such wealth to suffer from destitution and be the perfect example for help reliance because of terrible administration on account of the feeble.

Bad and awkward legislators and government administration. It’s about time to leave on crucial changes that stir the nation’s childhood, intelligent people, and experts by awakening them from their slowness.