Home Interview “They are telling us we will enter Addis Ababa” – Zehabesha

“They are telling us we will enter Addis Ababa” – Zehabesha


Ethiopia News – The teen’s TPLF hostage ‘confirmation’. They are revealing to us we will enter Addis Ababa. We have surveyed the degree of media education in a joint effort with UNESCO and the Ethiopian Broadcast Authority. The appraisal was primarily done from tests accumulated from Amhara Region, Oromia, and Addis Ababa. This Assessment was additionally completed to feature media education at a public level.

Sadly, the find demonstrates that media education is at the most minimal stage contrasted with different nations. The investigation was fixated on advanced education, where reporting and correspondence courses are advertised. During this appraisal, we distinguished that different nations offer media proficiency courses for their understudies at lower instruction levels – from rudimentary to secondary school stages.

They show their separate understudies how to use media and media sources. Taking a gander at it in our nation, zero courses are presented in any school at rudimentary and secondary school stages. Indeed, even at the advanced education level, in our reporting and correspondence schools, it isn’t given as a different course.

They simply offer it with an overall perspective on news coverage and media courses. Interestingly, we began offering media education as a different course here at Gonder University. After our evaluation, we are growing this course to different colleges too.