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Dr Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopian Mothers


They have old advancement, an Orthodox Christian religion, a language and letters made together, and over 400 years of laws. Socially, they are homogeneous without genealogical or family structures. They overwhelm the neighborhood intentionally, militarily, monetarily, and thoroughly.

Towards the consummation of the nineteenth century, the Italians delivered the Phony area of Eritrea, sharing the Tigryans in Eritreans and Ethiopians. In 1941, the British moved the Italians; In 1952, Eritrea joined Ethiopia and in 1962, King Haile Selassie isolated the Federation, confining Ethiopia together.

Eritrean Geography, close to Bab El-Mandeb Creek, made Ethiopia a colossal player close by and close by. He wound up being basic for the Prime Minister of Israel, “Relationship of the Periphery” of David Ben Gurion with Iran and Turkey to contain Arab Arabic Energy.

As of late, the Horn of Africa has acquired one of the spaces of the battle against China and America as a result of the “Belt and Route” project, which is associated with the formation of another financial and controlled approach sales Chinese to supplant American sales. Likewise, Turkey and the cravings of Turkey and Iran to get back to the spaces of their areas sold and that the own advantages of the Gulf in the Horn of Africa make the locale basically more essential for the provincial work of Israel.