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Colonel Tesfaye Gebretensae was arrested


Zehabesha every day Ethiopian News on 3 September 2021. individual from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate additionally expressed that TPLF furnished gatherings ought to be made responsible for their activities in plundering distribution centers in which crisis food help for the destitute populace is put away.

In his Twitter account, the Senator additionally showed that he is likewise profoundly upset by the data delivered on lootings directed on USAID stockrooms. The US Embassy in Addis Ababa has additionally affirmed that it has gotten proof that showed USAID distribution centers in Amhara Regional State were plundered by TPLF equipped gatherings.

It is accounted for that lootings led on food distribution centers and vehicles and the obliteration led on whole towns in Amhara Regional State and the encompassing regions have now similarly become a reason for genuine worry for the recipients and benefactors.

It is to be reviewed that fear monger TPLF furnished gatherings have obliterated food stockrooms and discouraged the smooth progression of food help into Tigray by attacking it directed on Afar Regional State. Reports coming out from various pieces of the district including the plundering of UNICEF distribution centers in South Gondar Zone at Gayint prominently demonstrate that the fear based oppressor exercises of the association have proceeded unabated.