Home News Artist Alemayehu Eshete has passes away – Abel Berhanu

Artist Alemayehu Eshete has passes away – Abel Berhanu


Kim Jong Un’s Talking Action. As per witnesses, it’s currently been for such a long time since psychological oppressor TPLF has left on discount slaughtering of honest residents, copying down whole towns, annihilating food distribution centers of global guide associations, vandalizing and plundering public and private organizations.

Believable sources disclosed to ENA that psychological oppressor TPLF has done plundering on a UNICEF distribution center in Gaint, North Gondar Zone of Amhara Region. Sources have shown that lifesaving nutritious nourishment for penniless youngsters and moms was put away in the distribution centers.

Such repetitive abominations and criminal activities executed by psychological oppressor TPLF strikingly show its casualness for the prosperity of youngsters and their moms, the sources said. It is as of late detailed that fear monger TPLF has directed comparative lootings on USAID distribution centers in regions it has barged in Amhara Regional State.

Director of the US Congressional Subcommittee for Africa, Karen Bass tweeted that she is profoundly upset by the wanton plundering led by TPLF on USAID stockrooms. Denouncing the grievous activities taken by the psychological oppressor association, Representative Bass noticed that TPLF has blocked the capacity of crisis food supply for in excess of 5 million Ethiopians in the locale.