Home News Debretsion’s another letter – Abel Berhanu September 1, 2021

Debretsion’s another letter – Abel Berhanu September 1, 2021


Day by day Ethiopian news updates September 1, 2021. Concerning the psychological oppressor TPLF bunch, the Speaker expressed he is very much aware of the offenses the gathering submitted when it was in power. Expressing that Ethiopia has a place for all Ethiopians and is not intended for a solitary party, the Speaker said since Ethiopians presently communicated their decision, no other body has the option to deny the desire of the People.

Talking about the issue of Nile waters, Rt. Hon. Deng Akoon focused on that every one of the riparian States needs to become together and have equivalent rights to use from this normal gift. Thus, there is no riparian State in a situation to give authorization or keep from utilizing it by any riparian State, he added.

Linking Ethiopia’s excitement for a genial arrangement through the protection of the AU on the GERD exchange, he said it is the proper thing that UNSC alluded the case back to AU. Liking the continuous backings of the Ethiopian People and Government, the Speaker said Ethiopia is the foundation of his country for it has been assuming a vital part in tackling the issues of South Sudan.

He consoled the envoy that his Country’s boundaries and domains can’t use any and all means, be utilized against Ethiopia’s tranquility and solidness. Deng Akoon spoke to Ethiopia and different countries to help his Country towards the full execution of the nonaggression treaty.