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Special caution message and new military victory news


In the furthest down-the-line work to end the progressing Tigray Defense Force (TDF) and Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), it seems Ethiopia has bought a few Iranian-made Mohajer-6 automated elevated vehicles (UAVs).


Plant SkySat satellite pictures examined by Bellingcat.com recognized two Mohajer-6 UAVs and a Ground Control Station (GCS) at Semara air terminal (presently Ethiopian Air Force base) in north-eastern Ethiopia on 1 August. The GCS was then imagined when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited the airbase days after the fact.


The Mohajer-6, yet to be demonstrated in battle, is the most recent plan in the Mohajer-series. It was disclosed in 2017 and entered creation a year after the fact, presenting with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. It has a functional scope of 200 km and 40 kg payload of two to four Ghaem-1, 5 or 9 accuracies directed weapons. It has 12-hour perseverance with the greatest flight height of 5 500 meters. The nose of the lightweight UAV is fitted with an EOAS-I-18A forward-looking infrared (FLIR) turret.


Ethiopia’s automated ethereal vehicle stock recently comprised of Israeli frameworks (Aerostar UAS and WanderB small scale UAS) anyway their status is muddled and they can’t be outfitted.


The Ethiopian Air Force has a very skilled battle airplane (eight Su-25s, 12 Su-27s, ten MiG-23s, and 15 MiG-21s) however air hits with enormous weapons effectively kill regular citizens, as seen in late June. The Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) has a multitude of 162 000 and is outfitted with for the most part maturing Soviet time infantry weapons, tanks and shielded battling vehicles, gunnery, air safeguard, and strategic vehicles.


Ethiopia has procured somewhat minimal military equipment in the course of the most recent five years, as indicated by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, with acquisitions since 2015 including four PHL-03 rocket launchers from China, twelve Bastion shielded vehicles from France/United States; about six G120TP mentors from Germany, 75 Thunder heavily clad workforce transporters from Israel, a few Pantsyr-S1 air-safeguard frameworks from Russia and 143 modernized T-72 tanks from Ukraine. Furthermore, the United States gave a solitary C-130 Hercules transport to Ethiopia.