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Soft wave 2-3 weeks hair unit 🔥 transformation


Okay folks today I’m going to show you all how I do my tutu for seven days hair substitution unit I’m acceptable today I’m going to show you folks the best way to do this with my profound wave on the primary thing I do when I get going with my customer I need to ensure that I have the right tone so this is a shading one which is the most obscure shading as you can tell there’s incredibly dark and it unquestionably doesn’t coordinate with his tone so if I somehow managed to put this on her hair on his head it.

Truly would look somewhat off so I’m not going to utilize this shading now this is my one beat so this looks somewhat more normal to his hair tone so I’m going to feel free to do the 1b rather than the 1 now the following thing that I’m going to do is I will really make his hairline um now for most folks when they come in they’re simply beginning this cycle then, at that point you’re going to need to proceed with your customer and see precisely where they resembled the hairline a few people you