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Update on Amhara, Oromia, Beneshangul, and Afar


Abel Birhanu every day Ethiopian news update on 15 August 2021. In spite of the fact that he ceased from referencing the names of the CSOs being scrutinized, Director of the Agency, Jima Dilbo disclosed to The Reporter that 11 common society associations are being scrutinized for the supposed infringement of rules and guidelines.

As per the Director, measures will be taken if the CSOs are found to have abused the standard of the game and the result will be declared to the public soon. It is to be reviewed that the office briefly suspended three CSOs.

While featuring the offenses of the CSOs, Jima said that despite the fact that the Agency cautioned them to address their unlawful commitment, the three associations neglected to redress their blemishes, which incorporates the employing of 60 outside nationals without work grants in Ethiopia and bringing satellite telephones without the endorsement of the relevant body.

While the CSOs got the permit to import a few gadgets (satellite telephones), the greater part of the gadgets was not authorized by the significant government office, Jima featured. As to the destiny of those CSOs, Jima said the organization will convey its choice on whether their licenses will be reestablished or repudiated unequivocally.