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Interview with Worku Aytenew


Zehabesha Interview with Worku Aytenew. Flourishing Party Oromia Branch Public Relations Head, Taye Dendea revealed to ENA that “the TPLF announced that it will push off in case it is important to obliterate Ethiopia. Furthermore, presently Shene has said it will work with the TPLF. This implies that the two of them have a similar objective of obliterating Ethiopia. Obviously, they have been working for this purpose together. ”

As indicated by him, the TPLF had submitted endless abominations against individuals of Ethiopia overall and killed numerous Oromos, dislodging a large portion of 1,000,000 of them during its 27 years of rule. Thus, the House of People’s Representatives assigned the TPLF and Shene as psychological militant associations.

Shene, which professes to be battling for the rights and interests of the Oromo public, didn’t move a finger when its current partner slaughtered Oromos during its standard, Taye noted. The intrigue of TPLF is to utilize the Shene gathering to burden the Oromo public, the head said, uncovering that the Shene has never been regarded by the Oromo.

Despite the fact that they plotted and threatened Ethiopians for an extensive stretch, the two gatherings never uncovered that they worked in a joint effort, Taye called attention to, taking note of that they have now proclaimed the unholy partnership to the world.