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News update from Mekele, Woldia, Sekota, and Gaiyent


Triumph news from Woldia, Sekota, and Gaiyent. News data about understudies of the Mekele locale. Among the occupants, Yohannes Goitom said rebellion followed by the withdrawal of the safeguard power, and government, just as private properties, have been plundered by the fear monger bunch.

As indicated by him, the new slaughter submitted by the TPLF fear-based oppressor bunch on blameless regular folks in the Afar locale demonstrates that it is savage and really focuses less on human existence. “As a psychological oppressor association, the TPLF would not like to die alone.

The pioneers need individuals of Tigray to die with them. In this way, individuals of Tigray have two alternatives. Toss their weight behind the psychological oppressor bunch and die with its chiefs or prevent them all structures from getting support. I accept that individuals of Tigray ought to likewise genuinely contemplate the huge number of youthful, older folks and ladies being killed in the Afar and Amhara districts by the fear-based oppressor bunch.”

Solomon Wolde Gerima on his part said youthful Tigrayans have never dealt with such issues in their set of experiences. The psychological oppressor bunch is constraining the young to do battle with adjoining provincial states for no purpose. The adolescent needs to consequently decline to take orders from the TPLF, sort out themselves, and battle the gathering on the grounds that the obligation of securing the country and their lives settle upon them, he brought up.