Thursday, July 7, 2022
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About students in the Tigray region

Mekelle University has sent a letter to the Federal Government stating that it will not be responsible for the food shortages of the students due to lack of funds after July 20.

The university said it had not received any additional budget for June and next year, adding that it would not be able to feed 10,000 students due to depletion of food stocks and that it had run out of food aid from Rayana Adigrat universities. The university administration said in a letter that it had not paid salaries to more than 7,500 staff since June, requesting the government to send a bus to Mekelle to transport students or pay for the university.

In related news, the university said in a statement that students from other regions who were sent by the university in 10 buses last Sunday were returned by the Afar Regional State Special Forces. The buses were escorted by UN representatives to the region’s Abala, but the buses carrying representatives of the Ministry of Higher Education and students to the center were not found, the university said. My plan to send more than 4,800 students to their region has been thwarted, the university said.

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