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The Afar region says the TPLF has waged war on me.

The Afar Regional State, in a statement issued a few minutes ago, described the TPLF, which has been classified as a terrorist organization by the House of Peoples’ Representatives, “expanding its terrorist activities in Afar and waging war against the Afar pastoralists.”

If the region is fighting the TPLF, it will be in Fenti Resu Zone, Yalo Woreda.

The Afar Regional State said in a statement: “The government is cooperating with our people in the fight against the Afar pastoralists, who are not Ethiopian negotiators.

“The pastoralists and our people need to make every effort to stop the TPLF’s war in order to destabilize our region,” the statement said. “The people must be vigilant.”

He added that the regional militia and the general security forces will be committed to preventing attacks on civilians.

Following the recent escalation of tensions in the border areas of Amhara and Tigray states, regional governments have deployed security forces.

According to the Afar Regional State Government, fighting has broken out in Yalo Woreda.

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