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“I have started re-administering a kebele,” – Afar Region

The Afar National Regional State has now taken control of a kebele that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which has been declared a “terrorist” by the House of Peoples’ Representatives for the past three decades, has taken control of. You spoke to Wazema Radio. This kebele, known as “Saune”, is located between Zone Two, Dalol Woreda of Afar Region and Sazi Tsaada Anba Woreda of Tigray Central Tigray Zone. The kebele speaks both Afar and Tigrinya, and Major Ibrahim told us that the Afar regional government has now established an administrative structure. Saune Kebele Shek has areas known as Shek Adam Bura and Kalak, and most of the area is temperate. From 1983 until recently, it was administered in the Central Zone of the Tigray Region under the Sasi Tsada Anba Woreda. Residents of the kebele have repeatedly asked for their identities, but have not received any response, according to locals we spoke to. We understand that the locals submitted the request to the House of Federation seven years ago. Due to the identity issue in the kebele, locals say they have been denied access to the Tigray Regional Development Safety Net: Health and related services. The area was annexed to the Afar region on October 24, 2013, after the TPLF, which ruled the Tigray region, launched an offensive against the FDRE Defense Forces after the Afar Regional State Special Forces retaliated. Currently, TPLF militants are reported to infiltrate the kebele and carry out attacks from time to time, but the regional government is also preventing the attack, said the region’s security chief, Major Ibrahim Hamed.

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